Decision Support

Analytics and business intelligence are key to modern organizational decision making. We bring many years of experience to the table.

Technical Advisory

There are many vendors in the big data and analytics market. Our staff knows what it takes to turn your data into business decisions.


The quick way to results is often to start with your own staff. We offer training on how to wrangle the data you need for actionable insights.

Custom Projects

If you are looking at implementing a project across business functions, feel free to contact us to see how we may be of assistance.

Finance, Risk and Analytics

Our staff has a proven track record in serving data to analysts for risk-based decision making on large portfolios

Energy Efficiency and Procurement

Together with our working partners, we can deliver analyses and decision support in the field of energy efficiency.

How We May Help

As we hold an integrated perspective across technology, business intelligence and analytics, we may offer advisory services across your organization.

Operational and tactical decision making.

We help you find the value that resides in your data for making the right decisions.

  • Establishing and making operational data value chains for models and analysts.
  • Identifying and proposing remedies for lacking capabilities.

Strategic decision making and external reporting.

We help you identify and summarize your needs for strategic investments in technology, data development and data scientists.

Business Intelligence and Analytics are ill-served by standard methods for managing, measuring and funding IT. This may lead to stagnant BI and Analytics initiatives even when everybody is on board. We want to help your organization bridge the gap.

Measuring and assessing your digital assets

The digital channels your organization keeps may help or hinder your market traction. How do you know which it is?

  • Data needs to monitor your strategic initatives.
  • Data needs to measure utilization.
  • Data needs to assess performance.

Implementation of complex value chains

Turning the implementation of complex analytics value chains into predictable processes.

Even top organizations may find themselves struggling to implement high quality analytics and BI. Part of this is caused by organizational complexity, and part of it by technical complexity. Our staff has experience with adapting best practises to highly complex implementation projects.